Material Culture: Stories from Objects

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This seminar was fully booked. Many in the audience sent out tweets during and after the presentations. The tweets have been assembled in a storyline - see here:

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The two presenters were interviewed for the ABC Radio National program, Life Matters. The interview was broadcast on 10 May 2018. Click HERE to access the program webpage (including images of the objects discussed).


We live in a material world, as the songs say, but decoding the objects of the past is not always straightforward. In this seminar, two leading practitioners reflect on the stories they have teased from objects.

Sarah Hayes is a prominent historical archaeologist who researches quality of life and social mobility in 19th-century Victoria through the lives, homes and rubbish of everyday people. She is a Senior Research Fellow in the Alfred Deakin Institute for Citizenship and Globalisation at Deakin University and has a passion for making archaeological collections more visible. Margaret Anderson is a senior museum historian with a specialist interest in women’s history. Sarah and Margaret are collaborating on a new exhibition for the Old Treasury Building, Gold in Victoria: 20 Objects, 20 Stories.

The discussion will be chaired by Margaret Birtley, Executive Officer of the History Council of Victoria and experienced museum consultant.

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This seminar is an event in the 2018 Australian Heritage Festival, organised by the National Trusts of Australia.

With thanks to our sponsors, Monash University Publishing and the Monash University History Program:

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and the organising partners:

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The seminar is part of an ongoing series, Making Public Histories, that is offered jointly by the Monash University History Program, the History Council of Victoria and the Old Treasury Building. Each seminar aims to explore issues and approaches in making public histories. The seminars are open, free of charge, to anyone interested in the creation and impact of history in contemporary society. Click HERE to learn about other events in the series.

Alarming Prospect - by Leech

Zealous Gold Diggers by artist S T GillSly Grog Shanty by artist S T GillDigger's Wedding in Melbourne by artist S T Gill

The upper work, Alarming Prospect: Single Ladies off to the Diggings, 1853, is by artist John Leech.

The remaining three works are by artist S T Gill: 'Zealous gold diggers', 'Sly grog shanty' and 'Digger's wedding in Melbourne'.

All images are from the collections of State Library Victoria.



May 08, 2018 at 6:00pm - 7:30pm
Old Treasury Building
20 Spring St
East Melbourne, Victoria 3002
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Margaret Birtley · · 0418 814 957
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