Purposes and Goals


The Association is established for public charitable purposes of promoting the understanding, appreciation and enjoyment of written literature, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander arts, oral history, film and other art forms that have historical content or significance by, without limitation:

  • promoting the writing and protection of historical literature;
  • raising the profile of literature and media with historical content at all levels of government and throughout the community to strengthen recognition of history in policy and practice;
  • facilitating communication and cooperation between the History Council’s constituent organisations in the interests of promoting public awareness of historical culture;
  • undertaking lectures, seminars and other activities that encourage access to historical literature, artefacts, film and other art forms;
  • facilitating co-ordination between the various organisations involved in writing historical literature and the teaching of history in schools;
  • advising on appropriate information, communication and referral procedures for individuals and organisations in the history community;
  • promoting art forms based on, or inspired by, Victoria’s history;
  • promoting awareness of and encouraging research into the historical culture of Victoria’s diverse populations;
  • increasing support to history teachers and students, particularly in regional and rural areas;
  • increasing support and resources for history from a wide range of government, community and business sources through direct representation, cultural activities, awards, promotions and exhibitions;
  • exploring and advising on ways of improving the knowledge base of teachers of history through use of historical literature and other media; and
  • promoting the study and display of movable cultural heritage.  

Our strategic goals

A.   Champion the pursuit of history so that more students develop a life-long interest in history

B.   Advocate history as a key context for current decision making, attitudes and action so that communities receive early warning of issues, avoid repeating mistakes of the past, and are alerted to positive lessons from history

C.   Increase public engagement with history so that audiences and users benefit from fresh insights and relevant information

D.   Be the hub for history in Victoria: an effective and professional portal linking relevant organisations, programs, information and activities so that the public can confidently access historians and historical resources, and the history sector is strengthened by networking and cooperation

E.   Govern the HCV ethically, efficiently and effectively so that the association becomes stronger and more sustainable