Women's History Month, March 2020

From mid-March 2020, the COVID-19 health emergency in Victoria forced the cancellation or postponement of face-to-face events in order to safeguard the health of all – visitors, staff, presenters/lecturers and volunteers – and to assist in reducing the spread of the infectious virus. The events tagged with (#) were unable to be delivered as planned.


Events planned across the whole month:

Harbour Lights: Women with a Mission 1914-1918

Wayward Women? (#)

Women in Gippsland's History

Women of Walhalla


Events planned for specific dates:

1 March: The Whole Duty of (Wo)men: Female Printers in the Goold Collection

3 March: Put Her Name On It

3 March: Disposing of the unwanted products of women's bodies: identifying the gynaeocentric zone

4 March: The Role of Women in the Force

4 March: Stronger Together: Re-imagining the Women's Mural - A Virtual Tour

5 March: Women to the Front

6 March: Celebrating the Life of Mary De Garis

8 March: International Women's Day

10 March: Fashionable Style: the 1850s Crinoline

12 March: Maggie Heffernan

14 March: One name at a time

17 March: What the Little Bird didn't tell me (#)

22 and 29 March: Hanging by a Thread (#)

22 March: Bobbin lace-making demonstration (#)

26 March: The Women who made Gippsland (#)

31 March: Marking Women’s History Month – Votes for Women (#)

31 March: Teasing women’s stories from the archives (#)


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