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2020 History Roadshow Calendar

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2020 History Roadshow Calendar - Melbourne


What is the History Roadshow?

The History Roadshow is a free program of presentations tailored to regional Victorian students of History in Years 11 and 12. The program aims to provide VCE students with rich curriculum-related opportunities to engage with specialist academic and professional historians.

Click HERE for background information about this long-running and successful program.

What's happening in 2020?

Going online in 2020, the History Roadshow will still offer VCE History students from rural and regional schools the opportunity to hear from highly experienced academic and professional historians and have rich curriculum-related experiences to support their learning.

Usually this free event takes place in regional Victorian towns, but this year we are delivering the program online, in two parts: 

  • Part one is a series of recorded video lectures from expert historians. This will be supplied to participating schools as a password protected video. Registered participants will have unlimited access to the videos from mid-September until mid-November. 
  • Part two is a series of 45 minute live Q&A sessions, matched to the video lectures. They will delivered by our expert historians, through videoconferencing software to registered students and teachers. This facilitated session will take place in mid-September/early October and will include a conversation about career pathways for those studying history.

This year, as a special lockdown offer, Melbourne metro students will also be able to access the video lectures and the recordings of the Q&A sessions. Book here for Melbourne Metro: Melbourne school bookings

The video lectures and Q&A sessions will cover:

Australian History

UNIT 3:  Transformations: Colonial society to nation

Area of Study 1:   The reshaping of Port Phillip District / Victoria, 1834 - 1860 with Professor Richard Broome

Area of Study 2:   Making a people and a nation 1890 - 1920 with Professor Graeme Davison

UNIT 4:  Transformations: Old certainties and new visions

Area of Study 1:   Crises that tested the nation 1929 - 1945 with Geraldine Carrodus

Area of Study 2:   Voices for change 1965 – 2000 with Professor Sean Scalmer

Revolutions – The French Revolution of 1789

Area of Study 1:   Causes of revolution with Professor Peter McPhee

Area of Study 2:   Consequences of revolution with Professor Peter McPhee

Revolutions – The Russian Revolution of October 1917

Area of Study 1:   Causes of revolution with Associate Professor Paula Michaels

The Russian Revolution with Professor Sheila Fitzpatrick

Dr Rhiannon Evans presents on Ancient RomeDr Rhiannon Evans from La Trobe University presenting on Ancient Rome
to students gathered at the Christian College in Geelong, September 2017.

What feedback have you had in past years?

Highly experienced university lecturers and professional historians offer dynamic presentations directly relevant to the VCE history curriculum in Global Empires, Twentieth Century History, Ancient History, Australian History and Revolutions. 

Click HERE to see details of the program in 2019 and in previous years. 

Participating teachers commented:

The presenter was so knowledgeable and engaging.

The presenter's energy and enthusiasm was infectious and he provided a realistic perspective.

A wonderful overview of the successes of the time period.

A variety of primary sources provided.

I liked the lecture style presentation and providing a taste of university life.

Ideas / views / approach of a different teacher.

The presentation was good for reinforcing information as well as providing new insights.

A fantastic opportunity for students to access information from leading academics which is not available elsewhere.

Adrian_Jones.jpgAssociate Professor Adrian Jones from La Trobe University
presenting at Matthew Flinders Girls Secondary College.

Book here, or for more information about the History Roadshow, please contact:

Alicia Cerreto
Deputy Executive Officer, History Council of Victoria Inc
Mobile: 0422 519 322
Email: [email protected]

The History Roadshow is developed and delivered by the History Council of Victoria with funding from the Victorian Government's Department of Education and Training Strategic Partnerships Program.

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