One Place, Many Stories

FUSE Digital Learning Resource Program


One Place, Many Stories was a project that produced a free online resource designed for teachers and middle to upper primary students as a way of engaging children in the history of Victoria. It was designed as a rich, cross curricular resource that could be incorporated into the classroom in a variety of learning contexts.

The One Place, Many Stories website allowed students and teachers to layer historical maps and plans over Google maps to investigate changes to an area over time. In addition to this, students could pin their own stories (using a simple template on the website) to the map, including images and photographs. These stories could be based on their own research, both historical and contemporary. One Place, Many Stories could be used more broadly to look at places outside Victoria, as well as around the world.

Student and teacher help pages, as well as curriculum connections to AusVELs and classroom ideas on how to use One Place, Many Stories, were also developed and published online.

One Place, Many Stories was funded though the FUSE Content Grants program of the (then) Department of Education and Early Childhood Development, and was created in partnership between the History Council of Victoria and Public Record Office Victoria.

The project was hosted online by Public Record Office Victoria from 2011 to 2016, and was retired in January 2017.

The website and resources are no longer active or maintained, but have been preserved by the Internet Archive's WayBack Machine.